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Welcome to the millennium World

A big hello to everyone

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What’s This Website About?

Learn how to generate income through websites and blogs. Sell your products online.
Areas of discussion include finding new readers, writing great content, blog designing, collaboration, monetization, technical issues, and much more!

Set up your own unique blog/website without any webdesigner. Do you know how much that saves you?count! Head over to Create a site guide if you are intrigued.
We’ll cover strategies towards powerful list building, link building, how important is affiliate marketing and picking the right niches online, website monetization, attracting right traffic to your website, search engine optimization (SEO), viral & social media marketing.
Building an online brand that makes you a power to reckon within your niche. Leveraging your talents, and becoming a force for inspiration and empowerment on this planet…
towards health, prosperity and success.

In five months that I started, my site content was in top page, has ranked  no 1 too  in Google around the globe consistently off and on, common position being 1 to 5, I never follow rules. People ask me if it is possible to rank just with seo…and I tell them it’s an X combined factor. Google algorithm, seo, it’s likes and dislikes can be dicey. They are a company not merely an engine that we relate too. 


                                       ” GO….where the business is!
                                         GO… where the people are!
                                         GO… where the action is!
                                         GO…where the fun is! “
Wonderfully said!


mickey about pageSo Who Am I?

Mitu Sharma  -:) Mickey

Am I Educated?

Sure! S/w Engineer-I am one of you ordinary people whose biggest dream or interest wasn’t exactly engineering, I always considered “learning to live and exploring life” the biggest conquest.

My Fav Cuisine?

Chinese,Italian & Indian

My favourite book?

Celestine prophecy by james redfield

Favourite Destination?

Italy and Switzerland-some of my family stays there.

Most Memorable Day?-Everyday!

Are You Happy In Life?-Very

Thrilled You Have A Blog?Absolutely

My Hobbies And Talent?

-certified radio jockey.
-certified masters diploma in jewellery designing.
-brief stint in modelling
I am a multitalented and multifaceted personality…I am an artist too, with complete inclination towards arts, creativity-life and loving life and doing creative things. That’s my first love! My site is completely designed and built by me right from headers to footers, all the pretty ads! & graphics.It makes me very happy to do things on my own.
There’s nothing that I didn’t learn… papier-mâché, pottery, paper quilling, lamasa art work, parchment craft, printing blocks,candle making, glass painting, making flowers etc, my list is crazily endless – ( ask me if you need tips-:))

I never stop to learn….. I believe its one life and one chance, so live it full and learn new things.
I love to cook, am an absolute foodie, and I love to paint… am interested in arts. Hobby is painting.

My Journey?
I come from a middle class background & a very disciplined educated family, so studies was the most important thing in life and the only thing.
In school, I was basically a quiet kid, The “simple sober intelligent kid” who had no fashion sense whatsoever. Till my 7th grade I skipped just about a single day of school in a year and was always awarded a 100% attendance certificate year after year. Looking back I feel I was pretty automated and following things that are idealistic. From my 8th grade my real growth began. I learnt to talk and communicate from being a kid who never opened her mouth!!. I had always had a love of computers –There was a minor passing phase, during my graduation days – falling sick and health issues gave me failure even at studies, that little brush with low times changed me as a person forever. I realized people are measuring me with a yardstick and “me” doesn’t exist. I am being tagged as per choice for the person I am not. It only brought out a very strong, spiritual side in me -the real me surfaced and took control of my life. It also taught me to value my opinion and not to get affected by some section of society and people which constantly will continue to change and be judgmental.

My spiritual journey began and I was genuinely happy and at peace -:) I started to treat people more humane. I reached a platform where I absolutely love to to grow with people, and the amount of love and affection given by people only made me much more connected with humanity and my own self..

I Understand Now That in Order to Receive, First We have to Learn to Give.This Was the most Valuable lesson Of my life.                            Click To Tweet.  lets share the word!  guitarman                             

My Attitude?

You don’t need to be serious to show your seriousness. Just work hard, the right way-leave the rest to god and destiny. God helps those who help themselves. There’s actually nothing called destiny -The acceptance towards failures is a matter of choice and the choice is ours! Either we give up, or WE DECIDE THAT SOME1 HAS DONE IT, SO THE PATH EXIST. We only need to learn better with every failure, never give up. Every failure moves you closer to success and every successful person always has a story to tell!!

What Am I Doing Here?
After helping some friends do well with their businesses, I realized I needed to help people build something for themselves. The entrepreneur inside me was awakened.
Over the net-initially the intention was just to set up a small blog, I went on to learn a few basic things -but those few lessons didn’t satisfy me enough. I realized I didn’t want a blog that cannot reach out to millions, I wanted traffic, I wanted to understand the technical part of it, how does the world of Internet operate! In the process of wanting to achieve extreme perfection, I dedicated time to studying various blogs/sites, and understanding what brings success.I  think I understand it today and that’s what makes me want to share it with people. It makes me sad to see people working so hard over their blogs & businesses and still being a failure. Or people not working hard and expecting to earn millions.

Myth:       blogging earns you a lot of easy money.
Fact:        millions of blog exist that earn no money at all.

So are there not really good blogs out there? There are excellent blogs but they don’t understand fundamentals of marketing and internet. That’s the number one issue.
So where is the money? Money is in being an Internet marketer—blog is only a medium towards it. Yes! You can earn, but not without hard work, not without understanding marketing concepts.
Your goals and mindset should be clear about what your product is, and how your product is meant to reach people, be it any medium.
Sure people do make a living online – they earn millions too, but just like your everyday job, this is a job too! Most companies online are resourceful not just online, they have credentials otherwise too. So don’t take it lightly and believe I will make millions with some Google adsense program because some1 else did it. There is a lot of sweat behind it. The idea is to choose the right path, work hard and achieve success, and keep repeating the formula!

What Is My Purpose?
My purpose is to help you achieve your purpose in every sense of the word.
My blog shall teach you fundamentals of marketing. how to,what to…everything that a successful blog needs towards monetization.
I like to grow with people and explore the varying facets to each personality.
Let’s learn something new each day and create that spark and magic together which takes you towards internal growth, an insane power, extreme perfection to understanding yourself better. Understanding the true essence of success and deriving your talents and true potential magnificently and in a way that you experience real growth. You develop true judgmental power to understand the depth of success/failures…I repeat failures is very important to life. It reflects a lot about you…people who pick up failures to make a success…are truly successful.
so lets began this journey
lets create magic, money in this new millennium

hold my hand and lets walk together,  So again, make sure you opt-in to my newsletter to get more information.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions contact me at, better still at facebook or twitter…I hope to see you there! I hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful!

This site is my way of giving back to people who have already given me in abundance. It wasn’t setup just for monetary gains. Can’t miss out a small thank Alvin, Eric, Jonathan and optimizepress team. wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by! Thank you for spending the time to get to know me better here today. And I look forward to discovering you as well- this moment on!


All The Best!

Wish All Success And Happiness!

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