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Design your Own ebook Cover for free in 3 steps

Create Your Own Ebook Cover

Designing Your First ebook

Hi everyone. This post teaches you to create a simple ebook cover. Whatever your reason for wanting to create a digital ebook, by simply  learning how to do and create these things yourself, you cut out the ‘middleman’, in turn saving yourself a bundle of money. You also get the satisfaction of creating something entirely by yourself. Follow me step by step, you can be innovative and do it a bit differently too, in terms of adding images Or colors.

So let’s go!

Step 1:

Go to and click on images, from that do an image search for ebook covers and you will see a ton of ebook covers, how people are designing them. That gives you some idea of what you want.


Step 2:


ebook cover design using software Open /Any paint software you are comfortable with. The dimensions for the cover don’t look like what’s needed.

Does this not look more widespread like a children’s note book..? we need to set it right.

I want something of width 400 pixels, height 600 pixels.


Create your Own ebook Cover - basic aspect ratioGo to image in tools and change the dimensions. It is a basic aspect ratio to make it look more like a eBook.






 Design your Own ebook Cover - color wheelChoose some color from tools, say purple. Change the color of the image to purple using paint bucket or Gradient. To use Gradient, click over it,  then just drag the plus sign +  where ever you wish on cover. In the wheel you can click, change the primary and secondary both, so that you get two color combination. 




Step 3:


Design your Own ebook Cover - saying no

Choose text and change the font type, font size, and font color from toolbar -whatever variations you like.

‘centre it‘ and start to type your text — ‘The art of saying NO’. Note it now gets centered automatically. Manually adjust the text.

You can type your name ‘by Mickey Sharma’ just below it.And adjusts where you want it exactly.


Design your Own ebook CoverAfter the basic cover I need a side cover. I have created a new image of width 80 pixels, height 600 pixels.

Suppose I want to add some text to it.


GO TO IMAGE– rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise and type text

“say no”



Design your Own ebook Cover- say no


Rotate the image again clockwise, so that it stands vertical now.


I have inserted an image of leaves in it, to give it a nicer look.






Finally Save all images as .jpg file.

Now go to-

Free Ebook Cover Program:

Upload your main book cover, your side cover and back cover (It’s ok if you don’t upload a back cover at all. You can  also upload the plain front cover as back cover ). Click create 3d box.                                                                                                                                                                                                   The new image takes some secs to show. You can move it around many angles as it is 3d. Store it as jpg, png, or gif format.

Then Right click-copy image to save it over your computer.


Below are the final images I have created uploading to the 3d pack program.

 All done! Isn’t it great to be able to do it on your own?

Design your Own ebook CoversDesigning your Own ebook CoversDesign your Own ebooks Cover

6 Free Photo Editing Programs for Small Businesses:

Gimp, photoscape,, (unfortunately picnik is no longer available – it was a real good program), FotoFlexer,Windows Live Photo Gallery, and picasa. Use all free programs to create your very own free ebook cover. No technical skills needed!

So if you create a free ebook or some free report or something like that it’s nice to have a nice looking cover showing your product, gives you a bit of credibility as well.

Some programs out there are charging upto 300 dollars for ebook cover. but if you have a small business and you don’t have that much money all you need is free photo editing software.

In case you don’t have time, or you are not creative then I recommend eCover Creator 3D by James Dyson.This software gives you mind blowing results and everything that you envisioned for a very small amount as compared to what you get in return.You can absolutely create stunning 3d ecover, jaw dropping graphics in one click! no skills required. so if photoshop, paint brush are not your call, then don’t be disappointed! Your vision can still be a reality.And really who better than James Dyson when it comes to graphics. The editor will make your ebook the best it can get..with shadows,lights, per your desire.It’s a drag and drop interface.anyways…

You have to try some designing on your own and you could even post me.

If I like some designs I will put them out for others to see and be inspired! It’s my way of motivating my readers to accept challenges and do better on their own and grow their confidence.

Don’t forget to check The  ebook templates gallery to download the free templates I have designed specially for you.You can use them for free!

Have a great week! I hope you enjoyed the post, do share it and leave me your comments.





Go through this special video tutorial for designing an ebook cover

The Very Basics of Paint.Net

This tutorial is aimed at getting people used to some of the essential and basic tools that the FREE graphic software Paint.Net has to offer.





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