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How to create/make a Site

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Start your wordpress blog in hour’s, even minutes! Have One already? Invaluable tips to monetize and build a better site anyday. Let’s Go step by step…


  1. I need to run a business. How do I set up a blog/website?

  2. How do I choose a Domain name?

  3. Now that I have decided a domain name, how do I register it?

  4. What about setting up a host?

  5. So what is wordpress and why do I need it?

  6. Which Theme do I Choose?

  7. Plugins that uses and considers very important.


  1. How do I monetise my site?

  2. Is email list important?

  3. Why use Keyword Researcher or Google Keyword Planner?

  4. How can I design “an ebook cover” without the help of designer for free?

  5. Is there any reliable software to create ebook cover instantly ?

  6. My videos look unprofessional and unattractive.what do I do?

  7.  Traffic? How can I drive traffic?

  8. How do I write the ebook content?

  9. How can I write good content?

  10. What problems will I most likely face when I setup my blog/website?

  11. How do I use PayPal or payment gateway to receive payments online? When customers shop how do they pay me via my site?How to create buy now buttons etc?

  12. Why is my blog not successful?

I need to run a business. How do I set up a blog/website?

step 1: Choosing domain

step 2: Setting up host and Theme .

step 3: Install the Plugins. That’s it!

A website and a blog are usually the same thing.

Lets start with ABC’s and know the difference between a blog and website…A website is static while a blog is dynamic. A blog has post and content keeps changing and is refreshed. They are somewhat like magazines that are published often and content  being updated.

You can start a blog for nothing by setting up a free service like or, but then the blog is not in your control and its unprofessional. Some ad networks will not accept a site unless it has its own domain name. If you do it right, having your own domain and web hosting won’t cost you anything because the income the blog generates will more than offset the cost.The last thing you want to do is build up a blog with Blogspot, get a ton of back links, and then have to move it to its own domain and start over. Most free web hosts impose advertising on your website. This is done to cover the costs of providing your site the free web space and associated services. Some hosts require you to place a banner on your pages, others display a window that pops up every time a page on your site loads. That’s why free hosting is not recommended. It’s just not professional.

How do I choose a Domain name?

Brainstorm! When you think of a domain name , Check to see whether the domain name you select, or the use you make of the domain name, infringes legal rights of any third party. I urge you to investigate it, sometimes it can be a big problem. Don’t use brand names, do it with common sense.

So do I need a keyword in my domain name? Really it’s your call and take!

I suppose some would like to know  what exactly is Keyword ? ( A popular word that is more searched for or typed in searches by people, and makes you rank higher in search engines is known as a keyword ). keyword is nothing but a popular search engine friendly word that will be favored by it, when people make searches online .

In my opinion keyword in domain name doesn’t matter much. Google, coke, pepsi, Apple, yahoo,G+ are just bizarre names  which have become brand household names. Did they have a keyword – NO! Such is the power of advertising that they are now keyword themselves! So search engines essentially follow people – not keywords exactly! Content is still king! (Its better to have keyword in your content.There it helps!)

Now that I have decided a domain name, what next?

To register your domain, go to a website called HostGator. Always choose domain ext as .com, .net ,.org which are popular…stay away from .info,.c, .tv…

  • The domain name shouldn’t be tooo long…
  • Easy to type in search without being mis-spelt
  • Don’t use dashes in domain
  • It shouldn’t be complicated to type. Just use common sense…

What about setting up a host?

My site is hosted over HostGator and I highly recommend them. Each of their shared Web Hosting plans includes 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 45-day money-back guarantee. A live support which is more than excellent. It’s remarkable! After purchasing the host we will install wordpress with a click. Yes, we do need wordpress to make our blog functional!

One of the main reasons why you need to host with HostGator is that they have a built in plugin called Fantastico which allows you to install WordPress with one click. Any problem-they have quickinstall too! Gone are the days of struggling to set up wordpress.

And guess don’t even need to install wordpress on your own if you find it complicated, just contact me if you are going through my link HostGator , and I will do it FOR YOU FOR FREE! I will need the login and password to Control Panel. After that you can simply change your password by contacting customer live support of hostgator, they have a great 24/7 customer service. very simple!

Also if you wish to change your website url to either-  say http://www.millenniumincome com  or simply…..whichever way you like it, let me know. I don’t charge any price for this. Decide it right at the start of your blog. I prefer  to Easier on tongue.

So what is wordpress and why do I need it?

You must have noticed different sites look different…The way your site layout looks like, depends on the theme you choose from wordpress. WordPress, this is what will help you run your website. This free software will allow you to add, edit and delete pages on your website. You also have a choice from over different blog designs, free plugins,widgets and free themes that will allow your website to do different things. WordPress users may install and switch between themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website or installation without altering the information content.

Which Theme do I Choose?

Finding the right theme can be very difficult. There are thousands of free themes and none would fit your expectation perfectly. A WordPress theme can be very  difficult, and  confusing to understand the proper functionality and then implement  if you don’t know the technology. You have to install  themes yourself and then evaluate them one by one. That’s where OptimizePress steps in. My blog uses it..The results are for you to see! I had to pay a small one time amount and it’s been worth it! I just wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are completely new to setting up a site, follow the OptimizePress tutorials which you will get access to after you are a member.They have a great tutorial library. Around 40-50 tutorials so that you don’t falter, A great customer care if you do -:). It will teach you to completely set up your site. How to setup your first page,your first menu,your first post,creating categories,setting up SEO for better rankings – yes that too! You can easily take your first baby steps with optimizepress, and ask as many questions to their staff about anything! It’s the best in business  for all professionals to create sales,sqeeze or launch pages. I have even tweaked it,you can see that.

So let me list again all the steps you have followed:

step 1: Choosing domain

step 2: Installing host and Theme .

step 3: Now you will Install the Plugins. ( They are listed right below)


Plugins that uses and considers very important:

Inside  wordpress admin panel: Go to Dashboard » Plugins » Add new  and type the plugin name to Search.

Click Install now for the plugin you desire, then click over the Activate link.You will find your Plugin in Plugins » installed Plugins. From the same place you can deactivate. Though not very necessary with optimizepress theme,  take a backup of your blog before you activate or deactivate plugins. (It’s always better –  ask hostgator customer services to help you).

How to setup can be found at the related Plugin site. Type your plugin name in search at Select your plugin from the search results carefully and read the Description, Installation, Screenshots, Stats, Support….etc.

You can also read  about the different wordpress plugins  at and find many more plugins suitable for your site. ALWAYS Make sure the plugin is maintained, and has a good download and ratings. Too many plugins can slow down your site, so keep it at only essential ones.


Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website.

Google Analytics :

This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, adding lots of features, eg. custom variables and automatic clickout and download tracking.


Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam.To activate akismet don’t forget to signup for the API key.

W3 Total Cache:

The highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin. Dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. To set it up refer the post Settings for W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin (The settings are very important to speed up your blog)

millenniumincome uses OptimizePress which already has the most popular SEO functions and google analytics inbuilt, so you won’t need to install those plugins if you use OptimizePress – unless you wish to experiment.


They are  used to minimize automated posting to blogs, forums and wikis, whether as a result of commercial promotion, or harassment. A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. It works well with Akismet Plugin.


How do I monetise my site?

Please don’t stick just with google adsense, the key to monetizing any site is to run as many advertising products as you can get away with while still providing a good user experience.

Chitika, kontera, affiliate marketing….there is a lot to explore.

Affiliate Marketing is my top recommendation after recursive affiliate income and direct ad sales, because if you can find a good product to sell, even if it doesn’t pay out recursively, you can still make good money.You can promote clickbank products, amazon etc…Contextual programs like Google AdSense, brokering services that pay by the Impression. RSS feed advertising and paid reviews are not good because the amount of money you make is directly related to how many posts you produce.You may as well use these services as long as they don’t impact your other, more stable monetization, but I would not want to become too dependent on them.


Is Email list important?

Ever heard of backend marketing?

Once you have an email list, the opportunities to market to your subscribers are numerous. You could apply affiliate marketing and sell other people’s products, or release your own products or services. Use your email list to provide more content to strengthen relationships with your audience, and you have another communication channel and valuable business asset.

A popular blog with an email list is a great online marketing system to generate leads and convert customers. Using this tool you can establish credibility, conduct market research and develop a powerful personal brand. If you need an email autoresponder to manage your list investigate AWeber.


Why use Keyword Researcher or Google Keyword Planner?

Keywords help you drive traffic to your site, they are nothing but the popular words /queries people type into search engines. Use Google keyword Planner to find keywords. (Earlier the same was known to be  Google keyword tool).

When you type in one word in these tools, and click submit or get ideas – they automatically throw at you many combinations of the same word. So then you see which word..or combination of words is most searched for and draw your list of top keywords that are most searched for.

Search volume of top 10 keywords should exceed 100,000 searches per month. If you look at a niche with lesser competition, its easier to get top 10 search engine rankings and be on the first page for Google search.Your competitor may have already tested the keywords and chosen the best ones that both generated good traffic and converted. I do not suggest relying on their keywords completely. But if you take time analyzing and comparing several of your competitors’ on-page and off-page keyword targeting, you can make your list much better.

A more sophisticated Keyword Researcher is a powerful weapon for any internet marketing. It helps you discover keywords that can send hundreds of free visitors to your site each day and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days.


How can I design “an ebook cover” without the help of designer for free?I wish to gift it for free to my readers when they optin to my newsletter (Aweber form).

For this purpose for my readers I have a special post – Read my post where I teach you to design ebook cover in three simple steps. follow the steps.

Design your Own ebook Cover for free in 3 steps

People who don’t have access to can use some other software too like photoshop or paint brush. Just be careful of the dimensions. It should look like an ebook cover!

Is there any reliable software to create Ebook Cover instantly- without me knowing paint software & photoshop? I am not creative. I don’t have time.

You can absolutely create stunning 3d ecover graphics in one click, and you don’t need any photoshop, or painting software. I recommend eCover Creator 3D by James Dyson. It’s just a simple drag and drop process. No skills required at all. A simple sweet editor that will allow you to create professional covers – shadows, lighting, background everything you possibly need. You can add great effects to your cover! This software gives you mind blowing results and everything that you envisioned  is right there, laid out before you- as real as it can get!


My videos look unprofessional and unattractive.what do I do?

If you are creatively inclined you can make good videos. Camtasia software should give you a push, But even camtasia cannot beat the advanced technology that we have today for making videos! So Much waiting to be discovered. It holds true specially for videos. There is a lot out there. Make a one time investment and try this something out. See if you like it! Go to Lifetime Access or  Discover How To Optimize And Publish Your Videos For Maximum Response! It will surely help you. Most of the people who create videos for business, use technology or professional help for the special effects that you see like pop ups, back ground triggers etc…otherwise it’s not possible.

I will explain it better to you. I have created 2 images … see it below?

blog gift

blog gift for you

The 1st image has used 3 frames and the 2nd image 2 frames. Videos also work frame by frame. Now for a Good Video it needs many graphical effects, many frames that you can’t really achieve without special software effects and software. It would take ages.  is your one stop for all that you need under one roof, the beautiful animations, lights, graphics etc. You already have  inbuilt ready to use tools and it’s  designed specifically to solve your problems. 

Traffic? how can I drive traffic?

Read:  Passport to backlink

It teaches you how to create backlinks. Just remember if your blog is new then just go for slow backlinking strategy. If you use wrong means Google will sandbox you and you go down in search rankings. You can submit 5 articles the 1st day.

10 articles the 2nd day

15  articles the 3rd day, keep incrementing by 5 and so on for a week.

Around 100 links are to be submitted per week.That gets you traffic and better search engine rankings. Stay away from getting spammy links. Repeat the same formula for 2 months. After 2 months 10-15 links a day can be submitted. When you submit articles to directories,Remember ezinearticles is strict and requires original articles, the rest can be a bit of changes here and there through article spinning( use The Best Spinner). Squidoo and Hubpages more recently have also been getting more and more strict with the content that is posted on their sites. Submit links to digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, and pictures to flickr. Normally it does take around 2-3 months for a blog to pick up,Google takes time to understand you are a trustworthy site. Also it depends on your site content, how good and purposeful your blog is. Not all blogs will pick up pace, but you should ask yourself how you can improve it and not be disheartened.It’s the same path for all!

You can also submit videos to youtube and top video sites like vimeo, dailymotion etc. The TubeMogul video upload site currently supports over 25 sites, including YouTube,, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo Video. TubeMogul works with the best video sites out there, They used to provide 150 launches with their free account.(sorry to inform you the free service is no longer free with tubemogul). Traffic Geyser offers you services at $97/month. unfortunately not many free alternatives out there.

Remember not all links are powerful. Its better to have quality links than quantity.

Use twitter, facebook, linkedin, Pinterest to drive traffic once you have a blog, do maintain a profile over these sites AND BE INTERACTIVE. They will help you get followers and drive traffic and are great business if you use them correctly. Lately Google pays a lot of attention to social media as well, and it’s not just about backlinks. Backlinks alone don’t decide your positioning in search results.It’s also about the amount of time people are over your sites, user behavior, and if  authoritative sites link to you.You can comment in forums, and blogs too. Don’t forget guest posting. It not only helps you get a link back to your site, but can help drive great traffic and immediately raise your page ranks.

Content is king – at the end of the day no amount of links will help if you aren’t focused over quality.

You can choose to get paid traffic as well – Advertise with Google AdWords ads  to boost website traffic and sales in search results. Study the different PPC, CPC..whatever they offer, BE SMART ENOUGH TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT KEYWORDS…which don’t cost too much and at the same time have good search volumes(They have the facility for finding that out).

These things take some time, but then that’s how real businesses are setup..Be insightful, keep learning and changing your ways, your skills – with the changing technology. Use all your gifts and creativities, Have faith in your abilities!


How do I write the ebook content?

Read: a.  How to write good content for your Blog

b.  Tips for writing ebook

How can I write good content?

Read: Creating Rich Web Content a Snap Away

What problems will I most likely face when I setup my blog/website?

This is for people who use optimizepress

  • Make sure that you keep all your pages public. Otherwise you cannot set up menu (it won’t work). With optimizepress the settings are so well organised and integrated that if something is wrong..then its you!
  • W3 Total Cache tells me page url cache not working?

In general >page cache >page cache method enable use disc: basic. If disc: enhanced is chosen you will get page url cache not working. But the fact is, it’s always better to  to set “Disk :Enhanced” for relieving server load. Read  my post and get the perfect solution to this:


  •  Why does my aweber form not work – 404 error?

Thank you page should be never private. It stops aweber code from working.

Make sure your thank you page url and success page url is correct…Thank you page is the page your reader lands at immediately after optin. Success page is when the reader clicks the email in his inbox and subsequently lands up over your blog. Remember to add ?setuser=1199 after the /  ( forward slash) to the success page inside aweber site.


The mails you design inside aweber which are a part of launch funnel will all have  ?setuser=1198  added to url after / .

Make sure when you login to aweber – webforms >settings >in facebook integration: Enable Facebook registration form should not enabled.

(If you still have problems and you  don’t use optimizepress most likely you will need to make a .htaccess rewrite).


Don’t forget to sign up for webmasters tools for google and bing. Otherwise google won’t index you quickly. You can signup, enter your url and ping google & bing search engines as soon as you come out with any new content.

Inside google webmasters tool when you add your site map, You have to add sitemap behind say sitemap

So the part is already printed and you simply add the remaining url behind it. If you get an error make sure you have set the url right.

How do I use PayPal or payment gateway to receive payments online? When customers shop how do they pay me via my site?How to create buy now buttons etc?

Please make sure that the payment gateway you use is safe and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption atleast.

We take the example of PayPal. You will open an account and do all the verifications required..(giving pan number, bank account, residential address etc) – In 3 days you will be verified and can start receiving and sending payments.

Customers can shop on your website and pay on PayPal.
This is an easy, quick way to start accepting credit cards online. A simple integration into your shopping cart / or using buttons  allows your customers to pay securely and easily. How do we do that?

To accept payment online in PayPal, you need to create buttons. Click merchant services > website payments standard. Now click payment buttons  as shown. Choose buy now, add to cart…click create one now.

PayPal button 2 for site


Now choose the button type from drop down menu. Select item name, customize the button further. You can have one price/item or different prices for each option. Click Create Button at bottom.

It takes you to another page where you can see all the instructions  and a code as to how to add it to your site. The code must be pasted in the “code” view where you can view and edit HTML.

  1. In your website editor or admin page, open the page you want to add your button to.
  2. Look for an option to view or edit HTML.

It’s really simple. And if you have any trouble in understanding – Call the customer service or shoot an email to them and they will guide you. It’s very simple. Always 10 times if you don’t understand something! Don’t be shy or waste your time.

PayPal button1 for site


Types of accounts:

Secure merchant account ID

If you select this method, PayPal links your merchant account ID to your primary email address so it isn’t visible to spammers. They are safer.

[I believe Through merchant account you can bill your customers by email, and get paid on PayPal.
You get funds fast because your customers can pay as soon as they receive your bill. Send/receive payment requests online, even if you don’t have a website.]

Primary email address

This method will show your primary email address in the button code, making it visible to spammers.

If you have a Premier account, your email address might also appear within the <head> tag of your checkout page.

I believe you have to pay some amount for merchant account, while basic account is free.

IMPORTANT:[ Inquire from customer service about all types of accounts or read about them, choose what is best suitable to your business or site]

NOTE: Please apply for the IEC CODE – imports exports code which you need for any kind of trade online. Just search for “Application Form for Issuing Importer Exporter Code Number (IEC)”. Call them up and ask them what documents are needed. Fill the required form for your country,  or ask some agent. Within 15 days to a month you should have it. Basically it’s just a license  and for a lifetime.


Why is my blog not successful?

Simple -They Are Bloggers, Not Internet Marketers.

The number one reason I feel that bloggers do not make money by blogging is because they are bloggers and not Internet marketers.

Most bloggers know how to blog. However, very few bloggers know how to market their blog, so they end up with a blog that is read by only close friends and family members. You can have the best blog in the world but if nobody reads it, what is the point? Marketing skills, social interactions are very important. You just don’t do things alone. Build a relationship with people within your niche or business community and spread the word. They are your army and you function  in synergy. Don’t just keep churning out content, make it reach people.

watch an interesting video »

After watching, come back right here!


Most bloggers are obsessed with Keywords. Keyword research is both difficult and tricky. The only way to effectively refine your list is to test it in practice.

I have written an article if you wish to go really deeper!

Keyword Domain Name – A king or Mere Jack?

Go through it and be enlightened….



I am sure a lot of you see web sites and wonder how they are setup? so this is how it goes!

I hope if nothing you are atleast enlightened to the do’s and don’ts of the world of internet blogging and you have the picture of some technical aspects to it. Its interesting to know Behind the scenes of a website setup and If you take the initiative to build it, you absolutely can. If you are new to it, be prepared to give it time and commit mistakes too. When you can’t understand somethings,  you just  read well, and do things patiently..It works.


To build a great blog & make it technically sound read via Click to Tweet/Share the word!





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